• Chicago Muslim Basketball League

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  • Muslim Football Chicago

    2017 Spring League 2016 Fall League 2016 Spring League 2015 Fall League 2015 Spring League 2014 Winter League 2014 Fall League

  • National Muslim Basketball Tournament

    2017 Interfaith Basketball Tournament – Chicago, IL 2016 Interfaith Basketball Tournament – Chicago, IL 2015 Summer Basketball Tournament – Chicago, IL 2015 Winter Basketball Tournament – Chicago, IL...

  • RISE – Youth Camps

    Rise Youth Camps Our Sports camps are very innovative and are designed around the concept that no kid is left behind. We make sure every camper is trained...

  • RISE – Conventions

    We have been honored to host tournaments and activities at various conventions Nationwide. We use this opportunity to introduce One! Athletics to the many different people that attend...


About ONE! Athletics

One! Athletics is a 501-C3 non-profit organization devoted to serving the best interest of our communities. We hope to strengthen our communities though service and education through sports and creating a better environment for our youth to be active.

We strive to promote unity and joint action among all faiths through sports. One! Athletics also tries to conduct activities that will promote the tradition of our communities and put it on display for all of our participants.

One! Athletics cater to youth and adults of all backgrounds and creates an environment where everyone can connect and network with one another and create bonds that will go further on in life. This is accomplished through youth camps, community leagues, national tournaments, conventions and community outreach programs.