Basketball Rules

Updated: April 1, 2016

All players must adhere to the rules and act in with a composed manner. Standard High School/College rules apply unless noted otherwise.


A team can start and play with 4 players. Game time is forfeiture time. If a team cannot field 4 players, then they will forfeit the game and the score will be 10-0.


There shall be a 20-minute running clock for each half during bracket play. In addition, the clock will stop on all whistles and made baskets in the last 1 minute of first half and

the last 2 minutes of the second half, but not if it is a 20 point lead. There will be a 35 second shot clock during the playoffs during the last 2 minutes of the game.


In case of a tie, a 3 minute overtime period will be played with the clock stopping in the last minute on all whistles and made baskets. One additional timeout is allowed per overtime.


Each team is allowed three timeouts per game. Halftime will consist of 5 minutes.


On the 7th team foul, teams will be awarded a 1-1 bonus, On the 10th team foul, the team will be awarded two shots.

All technicals are two shots and possession of the ball, unless noted otherwise.

Player controlled fouls (i.e. charging) are not team fouls..

Fouls off the ball will be assessed as 2-shot technical foul.

All technical fouls (including swearing technical fouls) will be assessed as personal and team fouls.

On foul shots players must wait for the release except for the free throw shooter and players behind the key who must wait for the contact with the rim.


Players on each team must wear jerseys that are alike in color and have numbers that must be permanently affixed. Team jerseys will be provided to each team. Tournament officials have the right to invoke special privileges, should they deem necessary, If both teams have the same colored jerseys and/or there is a dispute as to which bench and direction teams shall elect to go in the first half, the team with the higher seed will be given the preference in selection for both situations. Teams that do not have matching jerseys at the beginning of the game will result in the opposition receiving 2-shot technical free throw.


Rosters can have up to 10 players on the team. Lineup must be given to the scorekeeper before start of the game. Scorekeepers should be only interrupted during a dead ball. If the scorekeepers are constantly interrupted during game play, they will advise the referees, who will issue a warning and then technical fouls will be assessed for every infraction. Every team is advised to have their own personnel at the scorer’s table. Players must play during bracket play in order to play in the playoffs.


ONLY the players, 2 coaches, and the assigned team scorekeeper may be seated in the bench area, All others must be seated in the stands or away from the bench. This isn’t negotiable and will be strictly enforced. A verbal warning will be issued subsequent to the first offense. If the rule is violated once again technical fouls will be assessed to the team in violation until the issue is resolved. Teams have one minute to clear non-coaches and players off their bench before another technical is issued.


Player Ejection or Unsportsmanlike Conduct:

Any player who is ejected from a game (before, during or after the game) will be required to sit out the next game unless the league supervisor feels more severe action should be taken. Please be aware that striking at a player, official or any other participant or spectator automatically results in ejection from the remainder of the tournament and possibly future tournaments. This is a policy that the committee is looking to enforce very adamantly. The tournament is a reflection of its players and organizers. Referee will be instructed to discipline players or teams that do not reflect the behavior expected by the tournament committee. Penalties include an initial verbal warning by the official, technical fouls assessed by the official, and ejection from the game by the official. If a player has been ejected from a game they will be required to sit out the next game. If a player has been/ ejected from a game the tournament committee will discuss whether or not the individual should be suspended for the remainder of the tournament. Therewill be no tolerance for unsportsmanlike conduct.

Swearing Penalty:

1. Charged with technical foul (1 -shot technical).

2. Ejection and must leave facility Spectators: Brothers and/or Sisters who wish to attend as spectators are responsible for and expected to conform to proper etiquettes, Otherwise you will be asked to leave the gym.

NO ALCOHOL or SMOKING or ILLEGAL DRUGS on the Tournament grounds which includes inside and outside the recreational centers. Recreational centers are monitored inside and outside by video cameras. If any person (player/fan) violates these rules and is observed by the tournament staff or recreational center staff, then they will not be allowed to enter the gymnasiums and according to city law, they will be removed by police force if necessary and prosecuted to the fullest of the law.


Teams will make the playoffs based on their final standings. The top teams with the best records in season play will advance.

Bracket winners:

1) Best overall record

2) Head to Head

3) Point Differential

4) Total Points Allowed

If three or more teams are tied, then the best point differential will be used to determine the winner of the bracket. Second place will be based on the head to head match-up between the two teams in question. The results of the team not involved in the tie are not used.

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