CMBL – Winter 2018

Updated: December 22, 2017


The 2018 Winter Chicago Muslim Basketball League


Important League Information:

    • The league will be open for 14 teams.
    • The regular season will be 8 games. Each team will play a Double Header once throughout the season.
    • The playoffs will be the top 10 seeds.
    • Players must play 4 games minimum in the regular season to be eligible for the playoffs. (Injuries are an exception with proper documentation and players must have played at least 3 games prior to the injury)
    • Teams must be MUSLIM ONLY.
    • All players must wear league issued jerseys or matching jerseys which are matching colors and have different numbers. If this rule is not followed, the team will receive a 2 free-throws before the game begins.
    • 20 Minute Halves with the clock stopping in the last 2 minutes of the 2nd half.
    • 30 second shot clock in the last 2 minutes of the game
    • Teams arriving late to their games start time will be docked 2 points per minute they are late until they show up.
    • There will be 2 TOTAL timeouts per game.
    • NO SWEARING. Referees will enforce a 1-shot technical for swearing during the game. The 2nd offense will result in an ejection.
    • TECHNICAL FOUL SUSPENSIONS. If a player receives 4 technical fouls at anytime during the season, he will be suspended for 1 game (even playoffs).
    • NO FIGHTING. Referees and League coordinators will issue suspensions and ejections for fighting


  • 7:15pm – 11pm
  • Mondays and Tuesdays (teams will play one day of the week)
  • January 15th to March 12th
    (tentative schedule, some dates may change depending on school games)


Games will be played at the Islamic Foundation School in Villa Park.


CMBL – Winter 2018 Standings

1Pick Your Poison201.000018810682W2
3West Bank101.0000.5914744W1
5Why Not?101.0000.5665016W1
6You’re Welcome101.0000.5766610W1
10BBQ Chicken010.0001.56676-10L1
12El Jeeb010.0001.56184-23L1
13Brick City010.0001.54791-44L1



League Leaders:

CMBL – Winter 2018 – League Leaders

Suhayb Rahima13.
Amer Abdallah11.
Muhibb Sadiq11.
Bilal Qureshi11.
Hassan Shuaipaj13.
Mohamed ElHannouny15.
Mohammed Abed110.
Taufik Chhotani18.
Riyad Elhaj112.
Osman Iftekhar24.
Noah Khan11.
Anas Awad111.
Shafiq Said21.
Essam Hamwi13.
Saleh Mizyed17.
Othman Othman23.
Mohammed Sadaqa14.
Waleed Mirza111.
Jibril Alim116.
Mert Kara13.
Alla Mizyed13.
Osama Alowaid12.
Emil Kurtovic29.
Ali Razeq12.
Saeed Elhaj15.
Ameer Jaber13.
Dean Sarama16.
Ahmed Mahmoud16.
Waheeb Yaseen111.
Belal Abuzir13.
Ammar Osman11.
Aman Siddiqui16.
Abdul Dada17.
Mohammad Hamwi110.
Omar Alaraj22.
Azfar Andhi14.
Zuhdi Khalil17.
Saim Asif16.
Zane Rizvi13.
Thaer Ahmad11.
Mahmoud Habbiyyieh23.
Imran Safvi14.
Omar Zegar14.
Farhan A. Khalique16.
Subhan Baig13.
Adam Elmosa15.
Noor Syed13.
Shekab Khan14.
Faris Balouta112.
Waseem Doleh12.
Abdulla Abdulla10.
Shehab Helal113.
Bilal Memon11.
Akram Khan16.
Ali Amjad17.
Haron Saadeh14.
Usman Hussaini16.
Izadean Khater19.
Saif Rahman14.
Tarek Elhaj29.
Abrar Khan11.
Hosam Sadek24.
Hamza Senalan13.
Umair Ali11.
Fadi Abuzir14.
Mehdi Hedroug12.
Suhaib Ahmed14.
Syed Muqtadir16.
Mohammad Elmosa15.
Ahmad Awad12.
Murad Alaraj21.
Ahmad Khrawish22.
Firas Ahmad22.
Imran A. Khalique10.
Mohamad Ghanem21.
Atif Ali12.
Abed Moiduddin12.
Subhan Ashraf11.
Musa Abdin13.
Ahmed Ghanem21.
Jehad Khrawish23.
Hamza Ali10.
Saif Saadeh21.
Muneeb Hussain10.
Ayyub Khan14.
Shariq Bukhari12.
Abdal Rahman Ishtaiah00.
Ameer Awad10.
Ibrahim Awad12.
Ashfique Nazib11.
Munaf Chand10.
Ameen Hussein00.
Moamin Asaad20.
Najeeb Sharif11.
Rehan Siddiqui10.
Fazal Mohammad10.
Mahmoud Alaraj21.
Mohammed Saadeh20.
Azmi Zamat10.
Ali Aqel10.
Mahmoud Salameh10.
Yazeed Beiram10.

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