Do you have a child or a sibling that loves to play sports? If so, we have fantastic camps, activites, and conventions that will have you child or sibling advance their skills.

Sports Camps

Our Sports camps are very innovative and are designed around the concept that no kid is left behind. We make sure every camper is trained at their own pace and develop their skill to excel at their sport. The purpose of our camps is to empower the youth with leadership and confidence by improving their skills. The skill level is developed due to each camper receiving a personal evaluation throughout the camp. Do you have a child who is interested in participating in one of our sports camps? We currently have sports camps in different parts of the Chicago land area. And we will also be opening up new camps in other regions of America. If you are interested in starting a camp in your city, please feel free to contact info@oneathletics.org


We have been honored to host tournaments and activities at various conventions Nationwide. We use this opportunity to introduce One! Athletics to the different people that attend these conventions. Since these conventions are held in different parts of North America, we are able to reach individuals who might not know about One! Athletics otherwise.If you would like to invite One! Athletics to host an event at your convention, please email info@oneathletics.org

Community Activies

Our Community Activities encourage the general public to engage in events to benefit a local community or institution. We teach these individuals to address important social issues such as education, youth development and family focus. One! Athletics supports different programs that strive to positively impact families worldwide. One! Athletics reaches communities through hands-on services, voluntary work and organized projects. We are committed to helping different global relief efforts by offering our services to places of suffering. We have developed programs for the youth of tomorrow.