Volleyball Rules

Updated: June 7, 2016


  • Each team consists of no more than 6 players on the court at a time.
  • You may begin a game with 5 players.
  • You may have a total of 10 players on your team.
  • Only players and coaches may sit on the bench.


  • There will be a coin flip at the beginning of the 1st game. The winner of the coin flip can either choose to serve first or choose which side they prefer to play on. The winner of the previous game will have the same option in the following game.
  • Each match will consist of a “Best of 3” format. The 1st team to 2 victories will be considered the winner of the match.


  • Games will be played up to 21 points and must win by 2 points. The games will be capped at 23 points. The scoring system will be “All-Rally” point system.


  • There must be 3 front row players and 3 back row players at start of serve.
  • Players must rotate position in a clockwise order for each side-out for service.
  • Substitutions can only be made when it is your turn to serve. And the player must substitute into the serving position.


  • Setting the serve is a legal hit as long as the ball is not caught or carried.
  • If a serve makes contact with the net and carries over to the opponent side of the net, the ball is considered a live serve and must be returned.
  • A defensive block does not count as one of the allowable contacts. The person who blocks the ball may touch the ball again. A player may not reach over the net on the opponent side to block the ball. A player may not touch the net at any time.
  • The serve may not be blocked or spiked.
  • The ball must be cleanly hit when spiking with an open hand. “Guiding” or “carrying” is an illegal hit.
  • The ball can contact any number of body parts, and will count as an allowable hit.

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